Meredith Hope, PhD

Cornely Postdoctoral Fellow, 2017-2019

Meredith Hope is the new Paul B. Cornely Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Research for Ethnicity, Culture, and Health (CRECH). Prior to coming to Michigan, she received a Ph.D. in educational psychology and a M.A. in developmental psychology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, as well as a B.A. in The Writing Seminars and Psychological and Brain Sciences from the Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Hope’s research explores the positive long-term outcomes for at-risk and/or minority-group youth and emerging adults. Two lines of scholarly inquiry guide her work: 1) creating in-depth understanding of psychosocial characteristics of extra-scholastic contexts where adolescent development occurs and 2) examining aspects of these contexts that may function as protective factors within those environments. Spanning topics in psychology and education, these factors have significant implications for addressing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion for youth and emerging adults, especially those from marginalized groups.

While at CRECH, Dr. Hope will examine how extra-scholastic environments, such as religious communities, may provide protective resources associated with positive health outcomes for African American and Caribbean Black youth. In addition to her own line of research, she looks forward to working on projects affiliated with the Fathers and Sons Study (Cleo Caldwell, PI) and the Flint Adolescent Study (Marc Zimmerman, PI).  


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